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Top 5 crucial tips how to write a winning tech CV


CV is your business card. Be self-confident, show results and target specific company.

Imagine you are signing your contract with your dream company. To make all of this happen – prepare yourself, first of all your CV.

Your CV is where it starts with. Your good written, checked CV will double or even triple your result expectations. Want to write your winning CV? Do not hesitate to pick those top tips from us! In the end of this article we added the Tech CV example. Enjoy!

  1. It’s all about you

First of all, analyze your experience and skills. What are your key responsibilities for the position? Provide your future employer with your project’s information that include required skills for the position. For example, add to the CV your GitHub ID where your clean codes are shown. In addition, if you are a Frontend Developer, show your best websites which make you proud.

Contact details: make sure that the email address is professional and your phone number is correct.

Around 76 % of CVs are rejected if they have an unprofessional email address.

Should a photo be added to the CV? Such questions, are usually asked on Job Fairs. Well, the photo is optional, but if you are going to include one ensure it’s professional.

As business is getting more global and you have the opportunity to work almost everywhere you want, include information about your ability to relocate or to travel.

  1. Personal Profile – Introduction to You

It seems that our contact details and introduction are not so important as gained skills or experience. On the other hand, the introduction represents your attitude, personality and differentiates you from 100 different candidates. Introduction section is a short synopsis of your experience and your personality – it’s the first thing an employer reads.

Remember to include quantity results and focus on the accomplishments. Better keep all sections within 4 max. 5 lines.

  1. Experience, key to success

CV is the first point of contact with you. Experience should speak instead of you. Remember to show results, the most recent tasks and responsibilities you had. Quantity results speak by itself, avoid saying general things such as “improved the project’s process”.

Target your resume to the specific position, include your experience and skills (fulfilled projects on GitHub) that are key for the position you apply to. Also, add “key words” which appeared in the job advertisement.

  1. Skills and education

As the IT applicant you should ensure to include a skills section on your CV. This section should list software expertise, programming languages, leadership skills, and other applicable skills. Depending on the position you are going to apply to, it’s better to skip your basic skills (such as Microsoft Word). The key is to list skills that will help you land the job.

Keep the education part of the CV as short as possible. In the tech industry professional experience matters more than education, however it’s important that the education section effectively conveys your educational background.

  1. Time to Rock!

Well done! I am sure you have updated your CV accordingly and you are ready to prepare yourself for the next step – the interview.

Author: Sabina Malinowska
Source: https://www.davisnolan.com/